Monday, July 7, 2014


For all the good deeds and services that we do, God has His ways of rewarding or repaying us, especially if we do those deeds out of sincere love and generosity for God and our fellow men and women.  Yes indeed, God who knows all things will not leave our good actions unrewarded, especially if deep in our hearts we were really motivated by the love of God’s honor and glory and a sincere love and care for our fellow men and women.

                Let’s just do what we can to help ailing humanity in the many necessities and cares of life, and God will do His part of rewarding our generosity, in the many ways He could.  Sure indeed there is that silent monitor of a hidden God who records our deeds and words to reward us accordingly when the time comes.

                Let’s be awakened to our senses and realize how true indeed is the living god who cares for us, knows all we do and prepares a heavenly award for the good deeds we do for His honor and glory and for our solidarity with the rest of humanity.

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