Saturday, February 28, 2009

Corruption Issues

Because of human weakness nobody can say he or she is absolutely exempt from the stain or temptation of corruption. We are all weaklings needing God's grace for transformation and conversion. We said so one time when we were remarking that even legislators may fall under the lure of money in the present controversial issue in the Philippines regarding the RH Bill 5043 concerning use of abortifacients and abortion practices that militate against the very first right of man which is life (specifically the right to life of the unborn).

All of us know that there are agencies local and foreign that offer great sums of money for population control. This is where the corruption comes in. So here comes the challenge for all of us, in God's name. How shall we defend this most defenseless group of the unborn? We can only remind the powers that be (on earth) that since only God is Almighty and All-knowing, remember that wilful muder (including abortion) is among the 4 sins calling to God for vengeance and retribution. At the very end of life you will most surely pay for that in the eternal fires of hell.

If you want to know what is hell, St. Faustina Kowalska was granted such privilege to visit hell and write about it as a warning to others. She wrote about hell in paragraph 741 of her book "Divine Mercy in My Soul." She stated that most of those who were in hell, didn't believe there is a hell. Read about her description of hell and the concrete warning she offers to all of us to keep us from such a place of eternal torments with the devils. (cf. Mt. 25:31-46).

So legislators, beware. Check where is the truth, what is the truth and make only laws that are just, that is, protecting the fundamental rights of man: Life, Liberty and Property.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Crux of the Matter

(a Teresian solution)

All the raging controversies in the public forum that at times end up in ill feelings or bitter exchanges need to be properly guided. But what really is the problem behind all these? Do we have enemies in this world? Shall we worry about people trying to put us down? Where then is the problem of people in great stress or worrying?

The solution of St. Teresa of Avila is one most appropriate for our guidance through life. It means God must be foremost in our consideration.

This is what she tells us to guide us: "Much wrongdoing would be avoided if we realized our business is to be on guard, not against men, but against displeasing the Lord." The important thing is to be at peace with God by doing, not our will but His will.