Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Aftermath of the Storm

The September 26-27, 2009 tragedy of the storm in Manila and vicinity where more than 200 lives were lost is an awakening salvo for us. Time to have recourse to God and heed His laws. Money cannot pay for the value of a human life.

Also we have to do what we can on our part. After all we can learn from past mistakes. First of all, the infrastructure has to be investigated and evaluated. There's something wrong when flood waters reach the second floor of houses or the rooftop of cars and bungalows. Where has the drainage been blocked or clogged up? For the sake of the lives of our people, let's forget selfish interests and quarrels and concentrate on creating, not just a decorative infrastructure, but one that really protects the lives of our people in any possible eventualities of catastrophe, storm or floods. We must think two steps ahead for the good of man. And consider and evaluate too how environmental devastations (whether by mining or logging) may have had a part in this catastrophe.

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