Sunday, September 20, 2009

RH Bill Controversies

(analysis of the situation)

It's not exactly because of money, though surely it's part to blame as "love for money is the root of all evils" (1 Tim. 6:10). The Church stands for life and the unity and stability of the family. Legislators argue saying we are over-populated. And we know population control agencies are offering huge amounts for their own materialistic agenda.

Are we really overpopulated when there are lots of empty spaces in the world for people to live in? Is pleasure more valuable than life since population control agents reproduce the contraceptives that facilitate sexual exchanges without the risk of conception of new life with its responsible consequences?

When we consider that life is the first right of man, together with liberty and property, let's ask the legislators who want to approve the RH Bill: "Are you sure the RH Bill will not violate the right to life and the freedom of conscience to seek the truth?

Before you do that, think it over and be sure. After all, an immoral law has no force at all and merits no following if indeed it violates God's laws. It would look funny when legislators do not exactly understand what they are talking about. That is the point we are to check. Is the RH bill violating a human right? That's all, think it over and be sure. Even the lure of money is of no avail when a basic right is violated.

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  1. can you give us examples of the human rights that the RH bill would violate??