Thursday, May 14, 2009

Massacre of the Innocents

(History repeats itself)

Read the book of Exodus, chapter 1:1-22. Read the Bible New Testament in chapter 2:13-18 of St. Mathew’s gospel. You will observe in these chapters that the killing of innocent babies was being done by the powerful men because of fears that a growing population of subjects would threaten their power. Remember history, why these murders were committed for the purposes of letting the powerful continue in power.

So if the funds for population control come mostly from the big and powerful nations, it’s because they fear the incursion of the developing nations whose people, when properly educated, can stand and face whatever challenges there might be in our modern world. “All things are possible for anyone who has faith” (Mt. 9:23). Like our Legend from Mindanao , Manny Pacquiao, toppling the big names of boxing. Education and training are the equalizers that prove all men are created equal and have the potential for greatness. Many students of poor nations aim to graduate from a collegiate professional education so when they go to the richer countries, they are able to surpass the young people in those places since they’re just content with high school education and are able to find work at such stage of their educational status.

So many sophisticated ways in our modern day for killing babies in the womb thru contraceptives and abortifacients are just a repetition of history. God sees all the secret deeds of man and will repay each one as his or her works deserve (cf. Ps.. 62:12).

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