Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Man, a Complicating Animal

I had mentioned this quote from R. Townsend, author of the book: "Up the Organization." Actually, to be accurate, his complete text under the alphabetical heading -- "Too much vs. too little" runs like this: Too little is almost always better than too much. With respect to money he said this: "A tight budget brings out the creative instincts in man. Give him unlimited funds and he won't come up with the best way to a result. Man is a complicating animal. He only simplifies under pressure." With lots of money comes the temptation of unnecessary expenses or temptation to sinful ways.

I guess there is a good point in the expression of the saints that "there are blessings in poverty." Hard times are not just a challenge and a stepping stone to success but they tend to make us creative in achieving noteworthy solutions. As the usual saying goes: "where there's a will, there's a way." Jesus would assure us through faith-- "All things are possible for one who believes" (Mk. 9:23). Let's not worry about the hard times because it can produce a better solution. That is, by the way, the life of Jesus and the saints. Carrying the cross is the way to heavenly bliss. With trials in life we may turn out, what
is important, more humble, true and sincere.

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  1. I stumbled onto your blog while searching for the Robert Townsend quote about man being a complicating animal. What a blessing! This is beautiful. Thank you for sharing your insights, and God bless.
    - Claire, USA