Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Work Well, Rest Well

A famous psychologist Dr. Alexander Cannon spoke about this in 1935. I might as well quote his original words, as follows:

"Work well and rest well--these are the secrets of success: and you cannot do either unless you have attained to the inner peace which faith in God alone can induce. When you work you should do what you have to do with all your heart and with all your soul. Do not slacken because you do not like your job. Visualize the sort of job you want to satisfy your ideal, but at the same time work all the harder at your present one. This will set the laws of life in motion and you will assuredly get the job you like."

"Before you fall asleep at night (begin this very night to control your sleeping state), let every muscle of your body go flabby. Think of all these muscles as huge factories, employing millions of cell-men, and actually tell them to knock off their laborers and take a rest."

Some religious orders as the Benedictine nuns of Tutzing who are working in Mati told me that the leaves of the Pandan plant (an aromatic for rice) do help to induce deep sleep; a Carmelite brother told me also that the Propolis of bees does help in inducing sleep. A J.P. II foundation in Manila assures me that prayer makes for peaceful sleep.

As Dr. A. Cannon adds: "Think of the job you desire to attain to: the love you wish to gain: the rank you wish to hold: the duty you wish to undertake. Then, still fully relaxed and breathing deeply, you will fall asleep with this picture held firmly in your mind. In the morning you will awaken in a happy frame of mind: ready to work well, and in absolute certainty that the day will arrive when your dreams will come true. Your certainty will be based upon truth -- for, indeed your dreams must come true."

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