Sunday, June 7, 2015

One Love

There is some problem in our society today as far as marital relations are concerned.  God said: “What God has joined together let not man dare to put asunder” (Mt. 9:5).  Immature as many of us are, we think we gain more exploits the more women or men we indulged in.  What happens is a degradation of the quality of love.
Love was destined to last forever.  Marriage is not a joke.  It is an exchange of the perpetual vow of love, as you yourself witness from the ceremony “till death do us part.”

All those who practice love in another way are just destroying themselves, wasting their energies in non-love.  They  will just multiply problems, distractions and wastage of energies, and hamper growth to maturity and success.  God made the love between a man and a woman to last forever—in its endurance and depth.  Now you cannot call that deep love that keeps changing partners, as the moderns attempt to do to enjoy more.  What happens is self-destruction and the hampering of the growth towards maturity, solidity and success.  Infidelity or unfaithful love breeds disaster.  Let us ask God, the Source of Love, to bless our marriages with enduring union, patience and depth.  That’s the usual advice they give to those who want to avoid AIDS and other venereal diseases: stick to one partner—husband or wife—in life.  Now this means too that the selection of a life partner should not be a joke but a serious, prayerful affair.  You will be more happy if you stick and agree to one love.  Precisely the prime purposes of marriage are: procreation of children, mutual support, satisfaction of physical desire.  How can these be fulfilled if one will advocate separation or flimsy relationships?

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