Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Unforgettable memories

There is no gainsaying the fact that our lives on earth are but temporary and there is an end to a lifetime.  But etched in our minds are the memories of youth with our parents’ love and care; memories of those who from a sincere love taught us the principles of right living and discipline.  That is the kind of love we are most inspired to communicate and share with our fellow humans so the spirit of love may everywhere flourish as Jesus desired it.  And we are grateful to our parents (Papa and Mama) and other close relations who taught us in word and deed (i.e. concretely) this very love of God and of every fellow human being so that we may actually put into practice as widely as possible that very love which Jesus wants us to bring into concrete realization.  After all what will life be worth for if there be no love in the world.

The memories are unforgettable because of the accompanying love behind those considerate acts or services of honest and sincere people   We can’t help but remember and relive the happy memories by sharing such goodness to other persons too. That’s how love is repaid with love, as they say in Spanish—“amor con amor se paga”.

God who has always been the origin and source of all good things and happenings, knows and rewards every good act.  To Him ultimately belongs all the honor and glory and praise.  And since in this world there is the constant struggle between good and evil, we have to do our part in fighting for the vicgory of goodness over evil, especially by raising the banner of Jesus Christ whose main aim was to save humanity from the forces of Satan and all other evil followers opposing the banner of Jesus Christ whose aim is eternal salvation and felicity for us all. 

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