Monday, October 6, 2014

Nature's healing power

The founder of ancient Western medicine (circa 500 B.C.) Hippocrates, once referred to nature’s healing power as ‘vix medicatrix naturae’, that is, in the nature of living organisms there are innate self-healing powers.  Thus it would be best we take that into consideration and help or cooperate with those self-restorative powers of nature as God has created it.  That would be an attitude of cooperating with nature as originally created by the Lord instead of employing ways or means that might be violently opposed to the nature of the subject being assisted or treated upon.

                This open attitude to the nature of things could even prove more practical since nature itself has been provided by God with self-healing powers which it would certainly be more practical to be taken into consideration.  Hence, even in this matter it is good to approach it with an open mind so long we are alert to any new possibilities or discoveries that may help the advancement of our research in the medical practice or other areas connected to the healing of the human organism.

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