Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Grumbling people

This attitude does not really bring progressive results.  Instead of doing something, just talk and talk and talk in complaining tunes.  They say “every time the sheep bleats it loses a mouthful.”  The other sheep are helping themselves eating the food.  So instead of all that useless noise, let’s do what we can to solve difficult situations.

                If you read the story of the Israelite people in the Bible, you will see how they came to different places and situations before they reached the Promised Land, the present place of Jerusalem.  This was one phenomenon of their experiences that the more they complained and grumbled in their forty years journey through the desert towards the land of promise, the more the Lord punished them (Ex. 18:1-3; Ps. 75:1).

                In our country it might be a good advice to do away with much politicking as if a nation were mostly to deal on politics, which is so much a waste of time instead of dealing with positive values and progress, the fruit of patient work and humble unity and cooperation.  Perhaps this could then be a better Country, disciplined, peaceful and respectful of legitimately constituted authority.

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