Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Mass Media Advantage

Sometimes the use of  media of social communications gets the upper hand as far as spreading good and noble ideas.  It’s because in direct verbal confrontation and dialogue sometimes there are people just too sensitive for conversing so directly, or feelings become more easily agitated thus preventing the fruits of calm interaction and exchange of views.  So since we are more on the side of spreading the truth than just indulging people’s feelings we can see how in the history of humanity mass media has exerted such an influence.  There’s even the Latin popular saying which says: Ideae Regunt Mundum, translate: It is ideas that rule the world.

No wonder how important therefore is the role of the media of social communications.  However, we should be involved in this means of communication since so many evil and corrupt forces utilize the media for wrong and evil motivations.  It surely is a challenge to be involved in the social media for a good purpose since it could just as easily be utilized for wrong uses, especially with the present progress of technological know-how and the sciences.

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