Saturday, February 1, 2014

Tempus fugit

(Time Flies Away) The Latin title is an expression of past Latin writers to describe how time passes by. Even if you take some moments of consideration you will realize how time passes by, however much our efforts to hold on to our age or even the material things we possess which naturally in the course of time undergo the decay and the ravages of time. But what can you do? Human life on earth is only destined for a limited period of time. What is important is that we live good moral lives so we may deserve the joys and rewards God is preparing for those who keep His laws. It is unavoidable to avoid the passage of time since God has destined us for an eternal destiny of heavenly reward if we keep His laws or of an eternal condemnation in the punishments of Hell if we violate His laws and precepts. It’s worth all the patience and sacrifices we can undergo for doing God’s will and commands after all we can claim an eternal reward of happiness and glory, forever and ever.

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