Saturday, February 15, 2014

God's favorites

God plays no favorites but gives His grace and love to everyone who is faithful and trustworthy in keeping His commandments of justice and love. You can see this in the roster of the lives of the thousands of Saints enumerated in the Catholic Church or other Christian groups.

The Saints are people who were earnestly dedicated to a life of prayer, sacrifice and service to God Almighty whom God favored with His many signs and marvels that were constant proof of their fidelity to God and His Church.  Surely you can read many lives of Saints, especially those recognized in many of our Catholic Churches. Most surely there are also many books or booklets of the lives of Saints. The Church has promoted such collections based on history as example for many of our people who may be inspired by the Lives of Saints since they come from all walks of life or professions in the world aside from the many members of the clergy or religious congregations of men or women.  This only goes to show that sanctity is open to all people sincerely seeking for it. 

Jesus most surely was not mistaken when He said: “Everyone who seeks always finds” (Lk. 11:10).

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