Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Is it that important to believe in Jesus, if He is the truth. Evidently. If He shows the true way to God’s kingdom, it must be extremely important to believe in Him. Belief in the sense of doing or acting in accord with His word and example. At least let’s be sincere in finding out and searching the truth in all sincerity. Why? Because ultimate salvation might depend on that. Specially since He has shown by word and deed His divine powers, through clear signs and miracles that only God can do. A normal person will proceed by the evidence of deeds and facts, as the principle states: Contra factum non valet argumentum (translate: You do not argue against clear facts.)

“God sent his Son into the world not to condemn the world, but so that through him the world might be saved. No one who believes in him will be condemned; but whoever refuses to believe is condemned already because he has refused to believe in the name of God’s only Son” (Jn. 3:18). Shall we not follow that person who in His word and deed only manifests love, truth, purity and justice? Are we not afraid of eternal condemnation? At least let us be true and sincere in humbly searching for the truth. The truth will set us free (cf. Jn. 8:32). Time is too short to waste, especially in the matter concerning our eternal salvation. God is infinitely merciful, compassionate and just. Even so, we can never abuse of such Divine Mercy by ever postponing our conversion. It must be here and now. “If today you hear his voice harden not your hearts, as at Meribah and Massah in the wilderness” (Ps. 94:8). Presumption of God’s mercy is one of the unforgivable sins against the Holy Spirit about which Jesus has sternly warned us (cf. Mt. 12:32). We must trust, but not abuse God’s mercy.

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