Saturday, January 2, 2010

Track Record vis-à-vis Promises

They say in Spanish: Del dicho al hecho hay gran trecho (Between words and deeds there’s a big trench). So we better keep that in mind as we face the crucial elections in the Philippines . Look at the track record of aspirants that can show glimpses of their imbedded character.

We ought to remember history and watch for the signs. Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty. Remember the Stalins or Hitlers or Herods of the past that had no qualms of conscience in sacrificing millions of lives when they got into power just for the ambition of holding on to the power they got. We know they all had all met their tragic and shameful ends and Waterloos. But we must learn the lesson. Those who do not remember history will repeat the mistakes of history. God is the over-all victor of history, the fight between good and evil. Let’s be on God’s side always, a God of justice, purity, truth, and love. Let’s not get entwined by the lies of political campaigners but endeavor to make correct selections, amid all the deceptions.

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