Sunday, January 31, 2010

Responsibility of Legislators

(Isaiah 10)

Legislators need to enact just laws based on nature and God's laws, not on worldly motives of power and money. Hence, if their decrees go against natural law and God's commandments, they do not deserve to be followed, because God is the supreme authority above all, who rewards with heaven or punishes the evildoers with never ending fires of hell.

Similarly when they are prescribing the RH Bill, which is against the first right of man (life) and against God's will for the family and sexual morality, the more they do not deserve to be followed. As the apostles once said: "We will obey God rather than men" (Acts 5:29). "Woe to the legislators of infamous laws, to those who issue tyrannical decrees, who refuse justice to the unfortunate and cheat the poor among my people of their rights, who make widows their prey and rob the orphan" (Is. 10:1-2). We know that use of contraceptives is for people desiring to indulge in sex without the normal result of engendering new life. Thus it is escaping responsibilities for rearing and educating children. Hence we know the marketability of the contraceptives that cater to human weakness in the inciscriminate use of sex, and therefore would be an incentive to sin. Contraceptives block the normal result of the union of man and woman, that is the reason why it is declared sinful by the Church. If you block the normal union between sperm and ovum, you will eventually exterminate life. So the RH Bill that advocates contraceptives and abortion is most certainly promoting the culture of death.

"You are as unfaithful as adulterous wives; don't you realize that making the world your friend is making God your enemy? Anyone who chooses the world for his friend turns himself into God's enemy" (James 4:4). The legislators should realize what St. John Baptiste de la Salle had said: "Education is the equalizer." What is needed is not to terminate life but to build it up. Check the statistics at internet-- The ten richest countries in the world are actually densely populated, while the poorest countries are thinly populated. So that overpopulation argument is just a myth.

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