Wednesday, November 18, 2009

RH Bill Supporters?

Legislators supporting or sponsoring the RH bill might not know the deep implications. It’s not pro-life in the sense that parts of its components favor contraceptives and abortion. Surely that would not be pro-life. Consider too that most contraceptives are abortifacient, i.e. will tend to terminate the life of the fetus. Just open your eyes and see what’s clearly happening in nations or societies where contraceptives are rampant. It’s an ageing population where mostly could be seen the elderly going around. That’s the fact and you don’t argue against facts.

That’s the reason why the Magisterium or teaching office of the Catholic Church has stood for life and the sexual act in a legitimate marriage must always be open to transmit new life or new births to society by its very nature. Therefore, we ought not support those legislators trying to kill new life and the very future of our nation. People are our main assets.

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