Thursday, November 26, 2009

Legislators' Campaign

As the elections are approaching, we know this is the time future candidates are positioning and campaigning to prove to the people they are worthy candidates. Several happen to be legislators. Of course we expect them to be truthful in their proposed and projected platforms. Not make lying promises just for the sake of winning the elections. God knows all secrets.

Naturally the crucial issue is whether one is pro or against life, specifically in the case of the Reproductive Health (RH) Bill, at present hotly debated on. That's the ticklish subject at hand, which we should study deeper. They argue that the Church is not right in opposing contraceptives and abortion. The Church's conviction has consistently stood versus contraceptive devices and abortion, arguing that the act of love between the sexes has always to be open to the transmission of new life and is legitimate only within the marriage bond.

If the Church is wrong, let the opponents of the Church prove that the right to life is not being violated here in the present controversial bill. . Whether actual or potential life be involved, we know the aim of the contraceptive devices is to cut down on new births. That's tantamount to being against life. It's sad to observe some aspiring legislators seem so arrogant in their stand for the RH Bill as if they were so sure of their stand and just ignore the Church's position.

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