Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Truth Shall Set You Free

Why the anti-life groups, some legislators, and the population control sectors are campaigning so much for birth control vis contraceptives, most of which are abortifacients (i.e. destructive of the human fetus) and abortion is not just for the money involved but also to promote the hedonistic way of life, that is, one that is intent mostly for the pleasures of sex without considering humane and moral responsibilities. What’s happening to those societies where there are no more children and the gray-haired are the ones multiplying, i.e. the old people? Where is that going to end, if not towards self-destruction or extinction just because they just because they just want to have the greed for life to enjoy, without thinking of the younger and future generations. Open your eyes to what’s happening around.

The truth is that life has to be respected from the womb and that God’s punishment is waiting for those who violate His laws and have no respect for life. Abortion is classified by the Church as one of the sins crying to heaven for vengeance and eternal punishment. So even in the case of the matter of sex the Church urges prayerfulness and self-control versus a society that gives free rein to licentiousness, pornography and immorality under the guise of false freedom. You can always build a great future if you consider how the young can be taught high ideals, their hearts trained to love God and their neighbor and their hands disciplined to work. After all, education in mind and body is the equalizer among humans.

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