Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Right giving VS. human rights

Right giving means a right motivation and concept regarding human rights.  As previously written out in this column, one gives for the purpose of helping and benefitting the recipient, in respect of his/her dignity as created by God, while also gaining in substance in the efforts to grow in the love of Jesus, who gave His own life to save and restore humanity to the Father’s original plan.

The actual mistake of those clamoring for human rights is that at times they do not seem to know what they are asking for, especially when such clamors end in violence and riots, which proves that there was no right motivation, and that there was correct concept regarding human rights.  Remember the first right of man is life and as such therefore a most important act is to respect the dignity of human life.  If there were no life, who could possess the other subsequent rights of: liberty, property, pursuit of happiness, freedom of worship and speech?  We might have a false peace, as that in a cemetery where all are dead.

True love – God’s love in us or charity – will ensure our right giving which has the intent and extent of Jesus’ immeasurable and unconditional love, going beynd all hguman rights.  He who had all right to divinity somehow relinquished this in becoming the Infinite Gift of the Father to man, so that all will have life to the full.  Right giving therefore also comes from right loving and rewards all concerned with unending happiness with the Giver of All Love.  May this Advent deepen our awareness of our God-given right to give in His love. 

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