Monday, November 9, 2015

Game of life

Sometimes we fight for nothing, for children’s games.  Is that quite right?  Don’t we realize there is a better game, a larger sphere,---the game of life.  It’s so sad people could die fighting in the smaller battles or games or gambles. Lose a battle but win the war, the ancients said.  Did not Jesus do just that?

St. Augustine spoke of it.  He said here in the world there are two cities: the City of God and the City of Satan, the devil.  We must fight to resist the forces of evil and strive to belong to the kingdom of the sons of God.

“The kingdom of God is like a net catching all kinds of fishes, then the fishermen chose the good and threw the bad away.  That is what shall happen at the end of time.  The angels will select the good and throw to the fire the bad people”(Mt. 13:47).  May life's game keep us ever on the right track--Jesus' camp!

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