Sunday, August 30, 2015

Health care monitor

As we grow older truly was it said in an ancient people’s expression: ‘Gaudeamus igitur juvenes dum sumus. Post jucundam juventutem, post molestam senectutem nos habebit humus.’ (Let’s rejoice while we are young, after a joyful youth, comes the cumbersome old age and after that we go back to the earth.)  Naturally as we grow older there are age-related ailments, like the plaques or cholesterol that hinder the nerve and veins causing blocks that affect circulation of the blood and the nervous system, resulting in paralysis and strokes.  Meantime, preventives are encouraged to avert the fatal happenings since how true indeed ‘an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.’  Moreover, we must not forget an overall principle, necessary as ever for all health aspects: “Work well and rest well.” But above all, “trust in the Lord” (Prv. 20:22).

If you observe how prices have soared in the health care business, this becomes the reason for the poor people to seek the natural remedies that were passed on to them from herbalists who observed the way animals look for remedies for bodily problems.  There is also one possible reason.  The chemicals or Western medicines were extracted from nature then processed, so at times these might be too strong or could have side effects.  Even professional doctors have acknowledged the truth of herbal discoveries after seeing the lengthy lives of those making use of remedies.  We cannot, of course, deny the advances of modern medicine without belittling the discoveries of ancient lore about herbal remedies, which is the way the primitive tribes survived.  We can perhaps analyze why one reputable doctor (Dr. William Donald Kelly, D.D.S., M.S.) had said: “There are only two Physicians—the Almighty and your own body.”

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