Sunday, July 12, 2015

Whereto activism?

The term Activism or activist has acquired some kind of pejorative meaning just because activists nowadays are moving in haphazard directions and we don’t know whether they could be right or wrong.  Hence, the first thing we need is to evaluate the movements.  Are they going in accord with the liberation of Jesus Christ?  A man can sometimes become like a bull, bumping into anything out of anger.

If a person fights for justice there must be some balance and some know-how.  First, he/she ought to know what justice and human rights mean or connote.  Justice means we “give everyone what is due” (Rom. 13:7).  Human rights mean the same thing which Jesus meant when He said: “Do to others what you want others to do unto you.  Here is the very substance of the law and the message of all the prophets” (Mt. 7:3; Mt. 22:40).  There has to be a balance in our love of God, oneself and the neighbor (cf. Mt. 22:40).  Those who keep boasting they love the people without loving God and themselves are going out of balance.  Jesus had said: “Love God with your whole heart and soul and strength.  Love your neighbor as you love yourself.  This is the basis of all the law and all the message of the prophets” (Mt. 22:40).  St. Teresa says: “Our nature being so evil, I do not believe we could even attain perfect love for our neighbor unless it had its
roots in the love of God.”

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