Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Human frailty

We experience life’s fragility when one of our loved ones passes away.  Then we begin to reflect and consider that our own existence is also fragile, realizing that our true end is not here on earth but where God will place us as reward or punishment for our conduct here on this earth.  There is that reminder at the beginning of the Lenten Season—“Remember man that you are dust and unto dust thou shalt return” (Gen. 3:19).

                It is good we learn to face and accept the truth as it really is and do what we have to do in answer to the realities we face.  After all, we do not solve problems by running away from the reality of things. There is a grain of truth in that ancient saying: “Face the situation fearlessly and there is no situation to be faced”.  A person will look irresponsible if he or she never learns to face or accept reality as it is and then make the necessary adjustments in his or her proper response to the real situations at hand.

�� (Rom. 12:21).  Check it up.  Whom has the Lord exalted: the proud or the humble?

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