Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Unhappy people

What makes people unhappy?  What’s wrong?  Is the problem inside or outside?  The gospel indicates it’s inside.

Why?  They could have forgotten that the happiest people, like the saints, are the humble people, hardworking, patient, loving and forgiving, with full trust in the Almighty and in the Savior Jesus Christ, God’s only Son.  They thank God amid the trials and humiliations of the world. 

The unhappy ones are always bitter, hateful, angry and resentful, as if their world tumbled down.  There is sure hope for the righteous persons whose God is the Lord (not the passing worldly goods), who depend on God and do His will.  God who cannot lie nor cheat tells us in truth: “Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and His justice and everything else will be added unto you” (Mt. 6:33).  “Do not even worry about tomorrow.  It will take care of itself.  Enough for everyday is its own problem” (Mt. 6:34).

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