Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Human foolishness or indiscretion

In spite of all human mistakes or indiscretion we can only gaze in awe and wonder how God keeps the world in existence.  Yes, there have been so many wars and violent exchanges in the past, lots of bombs exploding during past wars, and we have to thank the Lord who in His providence has kept us in existence.  No wonder there are people we admire and with whom we wish to join in prayer, as they persevere in trusting God Almighty for His protection on us poor mortals in spite of the indiscreet violence of many foolish or ambitious people.

                Yes, God is still in control because there are holy people who pray and trust in His mighty works.  Otherwise, if it were not for those humble and saintly people who call upon the Lord confidently, what will happen to humanity in general.  It might be the poor and simple people who restrain God’s punishing arm from punishing the abuse of the violent and rich who might not respect the rights of the less fortunate in society.  We must remember in this world there is a living God who cares for the poor.  Otherwise, how could this universe of ours last this long in existence.  Since there are multifarious arms for violence we must exert extra efforts for the reign of peace.

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