Wednesday, April 30, 2014

A thrilling life

People would think that only a life exposed to worldliness is full of events that can thrill the heart or mind of man.  But nothing may be further from the truth.  The lives of the Saints were presumably full of God-inspired thrills and happiness even if they preferred lives of humble obscurity.  They lived not to show off sanctity or holiness, but mainly to do their duties in the circumstances God placed them.  Yet such lives dedicated to the love of God and the fellow-men and women were not bereft of thrills and happy moments that make life interesting and colorful.

Yes, a life of goodness and love also comes gifted by God with those gifts of the spirit and occasions of great happiness that can surely satisfy the natural desires of the heart, since God who is the source of all happiness would not deprive His true servants of their own fair share of joys, happiness and glory.  Though, of course, the main assurance of the Saints that contents their hearts’ desires is the assurance of a place in God’s heavenly kingdom.

“What will it profit a man to gain the whole world but lose his soul in the end?” (Mt. 8:36).

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