Wednesday, March 12, 2014


One thing which we have to learn in life is to be able to face reality bravely.  Part of the reality we have to face is our own weaknesses and shortcomings.  But sure indeed one of the surest signs of bravery is to be able to face the reality of your own weaknesses and limitations.  You cannot remain a coward all your life just because you are paralyzed by fear that haunts you all your life.

However you can vanquish that subjective fear by learning to face reality.  Make an effort to remedy such cowardice since it can only lead to greater disappointments and failures.  As one famous writer once said in his book titled “Powers That Be,” he was quoted as saying: “Face the Situation Fearlessly and There is no Situation to be Faced.”   

Many problems in society may certainly have an adequate solution if only we faced them.  This may turn out a failure for you just because you never bothered to give it a try.  Usually successful people have been thoroughly persistent in their quest for success.

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