Monday, November 25, 2013

Year of Faith culmination

As we close the Year of Faith this Nov. 20, 2013 on this date here in Mati diocese, it goes without saying that this is also a moment to express our gratitude and thanks to God Almighty the giver and inspirer of our faith. Together with this celebration of the whole universal Church, we also express cordial thanks to the missionaries and people in bringing this faith to us, including our own parents and relatives who became instruments in fomenting and strengthening the Catholic Faith in our lives and organizations as life went on in the course of the years. Being convinced of the true faith we too must do our part to live and spread the Catholic Faith as a vital instrument of truth to lead us on to everlasting life. The history and traditions of the Catholic Church provide ample proof enough to assure us of infallibility and security in following the footsteps of the Lord Jesus leading to life everlasting.

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