Friday, June 21, 2013

Gratefulness to God

Through the years we are witnesses to God’s tokens and gifts to us in the form of peace, progress and the company of caring friends He gives us in this our transitory life on earth.  Hence we realize how much we owe to God who deserves all the glory we can give.  Yes, God truly cares for us.  The Psalms of the Bible testify to God’s glorious deeds of love and kindness.  “What is man that you should spare a thought for him, the son of man that you should care for him?  Yet you have made him little less than a god, you have crowned him with glory and splendor, made him lord over the work of your hands, set all things under his feet, sheep and oxen, all these, yes, wild animals too, birds in the air, fish in the sea traveling the paths of the ocean.  Yahweh, our Lord, how great your name throughout the earth!” (Ps. 8:4-9).

As we conjecture on the past events of our world we can see how God can extract and formulate good from the many sad happenings and occurrences that ever happened.  All these as God’s word in Rom. 8:28 points out: “We know that by turning everything to their good God cooperates with all those who love him.” 

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