Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The RH Bill

In the August 7, 2012issue of the Philippine Daily Inquirer (back of page A7) there was a news AD published by the “Filipinos for Life,” with the striking message – “Reject the RH Bill! Defend and save the Filipino Family!  Huwag nating Hayaang Diktahan Tayo ng mga Dayuhan!  (Let not aliens dictate to us on what to do). 

Part of the contents conveys this point: “They claim that the RH Bill is pro-family, pro-women, pro-health.  In reality the Bill is aforeign dictated policy with United Nations officials calling on governments to pass laws that skirt ‘restrictive’ abortion laws.”

The Logo of the group that had the Newspaper AD, “Filipinos for Life,” contained the Latin idiomatic proverb: Omnes pro vita, Vita pro omnibus (translated: All for life and life for all).  Naturally so, since life is first of all human rights.  We noticed certainly that during the latest Olympics in London it was nations with big populations that garnered many gold medals.  What’s important therefore is not population control but education, training, practice, and discipline.

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