Friday, February 3, 2012

Sex Education Woes

Whether the sex education projects in our schools is beneficial or not is being controverted actually. But if we truly seek the future and the good of our young or the common good, we must be honest with ourselves in the process of the evaluation. Are we really seeking the moral good and formation of our younger generations or just being beguiled by the attraction of the money offers from interested parties who won’t care less for the future of the young students? That was indeed the revelation of Dr. Judith A. Reisman, PhD, when she lectured to the Philippine Bishops towards the end of January 2012 regarding the sexual sabotage unleashed by one man, Alfred C. Kinsey, which has caused a plague of corruption and contagion in America. His book publications Sexual Behavior in the Human Male (1948) and Sexual Behavior in the Human Female (1953) have been source of false and distorted ideas which have corrupted our youth and people, not only in the U.S. but likewise in our country, the Philippines, since we do have a close culture with the U.S., having been once under the Commonwealth, and also because of close relationship of trade, cultural exchange and defense pacts.

But we should realize that in our relationship with others, however close, we cannot in the likes of a fish, just swallow all kinds of ideas as if they were ‘hook, line, and sinker’, and then get entangled in those problems that ensue as a consequence of erroneous premises. Amid the varying opinions on the sex education topic, Mahatma Gandhi simply put it this way: “Sexual science is of two kinds, that which is used for controlling or overcoming the sexual passion, and that which is used to stimulate and feed it. Instruction in the former is as necessary a part of a child’s education, as the latter is harmful and dangerous, and fit, therefore, only to be shunned.” (quoted in the book FACTS OF LIFE by Dr. Brian Clowes, PhD, page 266). Since we are beginning to observe and see the immoral and disastrous results of this vaunted ‘sex education’ movement we must wake up and do something about it. After all, the problems that will result will only backfire on us, our families and society.

“The conclusion that can be drawn from the sex education situation is crystal clear. If parents do not take the time to carefully review the sex education material that their children are exposed to (whether in public or Catholic schools), and aggressively shield them from it if necessary, they will certainly experience deep and unceasing heartbreak later in life. Their children will fornicate, become pregnant, abort, ‘shack up,’ suffer from venereal diseases and severe guilt, will give up the Faith, and will be far more likely to divorce and be unhappy later in life.” (quoted from FACTS of LIFE by Dr Brian Clowes in page 273).

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