Monday, September 5, 2011

The Sex Education Issues

We see how the RH Bill issue is also being joined by the sex education issue, I guess, to add more flames or support to the present controversies. But it would be good to be on the right track by referring to reputed and recognized leaders of people and nations as Mahatma Gandhi.

Mahatma Gandhi, India’s “Great Soul,” often spoke on sexual morality, and frequently emphasized the importance of sex education. He defined the fundamental difference between comprehensive sex education and chastity education as follows:

“Sexual science is of two kinds, that which is used for controlling or over-coming the sexual passion, and that which is used to stimulate and feed it. Instruction in the former is as necessary a part of a child’s education, as the latter is harmful and dangerous, and fit, therefore, only to be shunned. The sex education that I stand for must have for its object the conquest and sublimation of the sex passion. Such education should automatically serve to bring home to children the essential distinction between man and brute, to make them realize that it is man’s special privilege and pride to be gifted with the faculties of head and heart both, that he is a thinking no less than feeling animal, and to renounce the sovereignty of reason over the blind instincts is, therefore, to renounce a man’s estate. In man, reason quickens and guides the feeling; in brutes, the soul lies ever dormant.” (from A.S. Antonisamy. Wisdom for All Times: Mahatma Gandhi and Pope Paul VI on Birth Regulation. Family Life Service Center, Archbishop’s House, Pondicherry 605001 India, June 1978.)

So let’s be true to ourselves and one another. We must respect the life of the unborn, not just veer away and make use of sex education issues to distract us from the main issue of respect for life.

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