Thursday, July 14, 2011

Pitfalls of the RH Bill

The discussions on the controversial Reproductive Health bill keep on hitting the headlines. What is really the issue? Well, for one the issue is population control as the Egyptians tried to control the growing population of the Hebrews and King Herod wanted to kill the baby Jesus (see Exodus chapter 1 and Matthew chapter 2). Behind that is the corruption of money and power. The Church teaches as immoral the use of the abortifacient contraceptives. It’s because she wants us to fulfill God’s designs from the very beginning: “Be fruitful, multiply, fill the earth and conquer it” (Gen. 1:20). That’s at the very first book of the Bible, God’s infallible word. God also punished gravely sins against normal sexuality, as narrated in the Sodom and Gomorrah story (Genesis . chapters 18 and 19) and the masturbating sin of Onan (read in Genesis chapter 38).

If the Church asks for the legitimate and normal use of sexuality between man and woman, it is for the preservation of the human race. It’s just because of people being enslaved to money and pleasure that we encounter the sexual abnormalities that run counter to God’s laws and invite God’s wrath and punishment. We must remember history and think of the past happenings that came to the world because of man’s sins and impenitence. The Virgin Mary had mentioned in Fatima that many souls are condemned to hell because of sins against purity. It is true human nature is weak and modern life gives so many tempting occasions of sin, but the Lord amply provides His grace by His word, His sacraments and our own recourse to prayer. At the Mount of Olives Jesus gave the advice to His disciples” “Pray not to be put to the test” (Lk. 22:39). Ask yourself, after getting to know the contents of the RH Bill, is it really for the health of mother and child? How can it be when it is for population control and aiming at the decline of population? In line with God’ design, we desire a society that is young, vibrant and active, not an aging society that tends towards self-extinction.

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