Saturday, May 7, 2011

An Alarm Cry

(versus prostitution)

An anonymous person wrote me and some other bishops asking if we could do something to help the plight of girls being victimized into prostitution at the big cities here and elsewhere. The complexity of the problem is worsened when the dangers of the HIV AIDS virus are being spread this way (in sexual contacts) plus the other sexually transmitted diseases. One problem is at present there is yet no clear medicine for HIV as this is still being researched scientifically, and expenses too may be mounting.

Its true prostitution is an age-old profession, not because it’s moral or legal, but because of human weakness and sinfulness. The person who wrote me told about some big popular cities being punished by God with various calamities: earthquakes, tsunamis and floods because of syndicates and persons of influence that beguile young girls into forced prostitution, under threats, holding their airline tickets, pressuring them into disreputable ways of livelihood just because of their indigent situation. Some of these prostitution joints are being handled or owned by DOM (dirty old men), from ages 40, 50, 60 and above who come from some big nations of the world around us to indulge in their immoralities. These were his exact words of caution which I quote in part below to make our people aware of such problems, especially for the girls of the third world who may seek employment in the big cities:

“As a Christian in America connected with Filipina women groups I wrote yourBishops several years ago on hundreds of young foreign degenerate, ugly old men 50s-60s in the country to sexually target young Filipina whores for money while your Bishops are blind and deaf to this and one day GOD will severely judge your souls for cowardice and negligence. GOD hit Japan with two disasters because it’s a major country where many foreign young women from Asia and Eastern Europe are tricked into Japan by fake jobs and given “free” one-way tickets then outside the airport taken to rented bldgs owned by dangerous criminals and subjected to violent threats, beatings and raped over days and those who still refuse get death threats against family members to force them to “cooperate.” From material I’ve seen many are either infected with aids and others become insane and likely murdered and their bodies cremated. As I wrote prostitution brings crime, violence, drugs, corruption, and the deadly aids and still your Bishops do very little but very tough to condemn condom use in Philippine high schools…”

This situation is supposedly an open secret that comes out in the news because of the problems encountered by those victimized. It might as well be exposed (Jn. 3:19-20) for the sake of saving young lives and putting a stop to the evils in our midst. If it came as an appeal through an anonymous letter, yet because most know of its existence by some sad news of the victims or many off-hand information we get from people, from the Internet, it’s an open secret and God asks us to be concerned, from the conclusive words of the last judgment of each and everyone of us to determine our very final destiny of either everlasting happiness in Heaven or the eternal punishment in Hell. “What you did for the least of my brothers and sisters, you did it for me.” (see Mt. 25:31-46).

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