Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Mas Matan Cenas Que Guerras

(more people die from lavish meals than from wars)

We do intend to be pro-life and defenders of life. But if we really are so, let’s look into one forgotten angle. It’s the angle of our food intake. We really think that food is a solution. Yes, that’s true, if taken in moderation. But not when taking improper foods that may harm one’s health.

Look at life nowadays. People sick or dying. And why? Because so much toxins have been fed into our bodies, either by too much food in over-eating, or wrong selection of foods and the many toxins fed into our bodies. Too many toxins cause the diseases and strokes of our day that paralyze the human body. You know where the word toxin comes from. It actually means poison, if taken to excess or because of elements in the food that are not conducive to the health of the human organism. Even the blockages of toxins in the channels connecting the brain to other parts of the body will result in the paralysis, technically termed apoplexy or stroke.

The reaction of people is to have recourse to the safer and more natural foods and cures. People are beginning to discover that natural cures are safer for the health of man. One method which we should not overlook, and is already popularized in India, where it began, and many other parts of the world is: urine therapy. You can even locate this at the Internet websites (many articles may be accessed there).

This is how the doctor and consultant from India described it, as follows in the book – The Golden Fountain: The Complete Guide to Urine Therapy by Coen van der Kroon. Dr. Chandrika Prasad Mishra has this to say: “By the grace of God Almighty and with blessings and good wishes of associates, collaborators, colleagues, and sincere friends like yourself (referring to the author of the book Coen van der Kroon), together with the unique strength of this God-gifted nectar (Shivambu), I have successfully cured or eradicated numerous illnesses, acute as well as chronic, without any difficulty. These include illnesses such as asthma, diabetes, gout (rheumatism), high blood pressure, etc., in addition to various common and dreaded diseases such as cancer, AIDS, heart ailments, etc.” Another urine consultant, Balkrishna Laxman Nalavabe, also from India, in a letter to Coen van der Kroon, also published in page 89 of the same book, has this to say: “Among the various natural methods of treatment, urine therapy is the most simple, effective and safe, and it is available 24 hours a day.”

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