Monday, August 16, 2010

Hagedorn’s Exemplar

(Care for the environment)

We keep on looking for models of how life and environment has to be amid the complexities of modern life. But right there in the island province of Palawan , Mayor Edward Solon Hagedorn of the capital city, Puerto Princesa, which is booming in progress, is giving us the tip for success. You know, examples speak louder than words. Well, he has explained his secret. He was once a miner and logger. But he made a turnabout in his life. He realized how important it is to respect creation and the environment. And it’s of course important that he has the political will because “where there’s a will, there’s a way” (a popular proverb). The internet encyclopedia Wikipedia writes this of Hagedorn: “Hagedorn is best recognized as one of the more successful progressive local leaders of the Philippines with his passion and dedication towards the protection of the environment. Hagedorn’s leadership is directed towards establishing a harmony between the environment and development. The mayor has established the City of Puerto Princesa as a model of eco-tourism for the country.”

So we don’t need to talk so much. Just see for yourself how in that capital city, Puerto Princesa, of the island of Palawan , creation and environment are being cared for in a laudable way. It can be done, of course, but with certain commendable qualities of the person, knowledge based on experience and the sincere will to do what has to be done. Jesus tells us too: “Everything is possible for anyone who has faith” (Mk. 9:24). Also an important aspect of this phenomenon is that the common good of man and environment is being attended to more than the material gain which naturally follows this correct mode of action.

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