Saturday, February 27, 2010

Saints and Jesus Christ

It had sparked a controversy sometime ago the practice of veneration of saints in the Catholic Church. Maybe just because of misunderstanding of the very gist of the matter. Veneration is giving honor, while adoration is acknowledging worship or total dependence, as to a divinity. Hence in Catholic concepts worship and adoration is given only to God, the very source of our being and existence, while our veneration of saints is because they are faithful servants of God and His beloved Son, Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Therefore even veneration of saints as also the respect for parents, elders and constituted authority is ultimately directed to God.

That is the very reason why St. Paul in his letter to the Romans says this: "You must obey all governing authorities. Since all government comes from God, the civil authorities were appointed by God, and so anyone who resists authority is rebelling against God's decision, and such an act is bound to be punished" (Rom. 13:1). This is understood, of course, that the human authority that can command obedience must also conform itself and its directives to the very source of all power and authority -- God Himself
No command merits obedience if it goes against God's laws and commandments.

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