Tuesday, December 29, 2009

RH Bill Controversies

Because of an overpopulation myth, several legislators intend to push the anti-life RH Bill. I would say it is anti-life because it intends to stifle life or potential life via abortion and abortifacients or contraceptives. A noted Catholic layman of Davao City, Mr. Al Barretto, member of a Catholic group Samahang Laiko ng Pilipinas, proves precisely the contrary to that over-emphasized overpopulation aspect. His authoritrative sources come from the web page http://en.wikipedia.org.

We must therefore act from reason and reality, not just be influenced by money offers or other lucrative sources. The article of Mr. Al Barretto shows, from statistics, that the ten richest nations in the world are actually densely populated, while the ten poorest nations are sparsely populated. He concluded his research saying: "Life is sacred. It should not be subjugated to economic goals." Of course, you develop and educate people and they are the assets for a new world. St. Jean Baptiste de la Salle had said: "Education is the equalizer."

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