Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Deepening Process

If our spirituality is that superficial, it means we have overlooked certain aspects. Because a thing is said to be good when it possesses the normal characteristics, bad when an element is lacking.

In this respect, it's no use pointing accusing fingers at others, which will not solve the problems. What has been lacking in the conscience education of our people, or what wrong ideas have been disseminated therein?

Maybe we just need to remind about certain principles that are found in God's unerring word. For example, the following....."Do unto others what you want others do unto you" (Mt. 7:12). God's word asks us to do our good deeds, not for show or to gain human admiration if we are to gain the reward of our Father in heaven who sees everything and knows all things (cf. Mt. 6:1-34). In this same chapter, God assures us He will provide for our needs, so long as we trust in Him firmly and seek to do His will. "Seek ye first the kingdom of God and live His righteousness and all other things shall be provided for. Does He not provide for the birds, the plants, the much more for you, o people of little faith?" (cf. Mt. 6:25-34).

Yes, people have to deepen their faith and trust in God who takes care of those who trust in Him. To deepen means to make an effort of faith and trust even amidst the various trials of this transitory life. Have they ever been disappointed, who trust in God and His beloved Son Jesus Christ, Our Savior who came down to earth to be near us, His people? He had said: "I myself will shepherd My people...." (Ezk. 34:11-16).

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