Thursday, October 30, 2008

A Little Knowledge is Dangerous

The bottom line here is to realize how important is humility and sincerity. Both terms are based on truth because as usually said, humility is truth in the sense that being humble is to admit our humble beginnings. "Remember man that thou art dust and to dust thou shalt return" (Gen. 3:19). Sincere comes from the Latin "sine cera," that is, taking away the wax masks used by actors in a play, meaning to say, showing your real self, or being true to yourself.

Therefore, all the problems of our world today are precisely that: people think they know, yet not enough to know the reality, facts and the truth. They get only to part of the truth and remember "a lie is only half of the truth" like a salesman telling you their product is good without revealing some defective side of the product.

Whether it's on religion, environmental protection, reproductive health or personal attitudes, let's be sincere in seeking for the truth. Let not pride or money be the obstacle in your quest for the truth. Your pride may tell you as if you know everything, just because you come from a prestigious school. Then just because of that you lose the most important quality of life: humility. The humility that teaches you to listen because there's so much to learn. To listen to your parents and loved ones who sacrificed for your education. To listen because in life there's so much to learn and to discern amid the many lies (half-truths) being taught. To listen even from the simple and humble people, from children and from whoever may be source of a truthful answer. Yes, be humble and sincere lest in your pride you may may remain a most ignorant person on earth. If you have to know, humbly search for the whole truth, the complete truth. Because a little knowledge is dangerous.

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